Three Leaf Skin Care

Simple. Natural. Easy. Effective.

Nourish and Protect.
Works with all other skin care products.
Is made only of pure, potent botanicals.
Has multiple uses.
Is simple.
The skin care ingredient secret.
As women, we are flooded with skin care product offers and promises. It's hard to know who to trust, what to buy, what you need. So you opt for all natural skin care products - you want healthy, safe, hard can it be?

You've tried every wash, moisturizer, and serum you can find. You read the labels to ensure you are using all natural products. Yet you are still experiencing skin care issues or you only see temporary change or change at all.

You wonder what you are doing wrong.

Perhaps the problem is not you - or even the formulations of the products you are using. Perhaps the problem is in the natural ingredients in your products.

What is the answer?

Fresh, natural ingredients. Sounds simple, right?

Just because the label says "all natural", does not mean the product is fresh, the ingredients were fresh when the product was made, or that the product is effectively formulated with the right combination of natural ingredients to target your skin care needs.

Many natural skin care companies make use of large cosmetic manufacturers to produce their products. Manufacturers are not farms. They do not grow their botanicals, instead - they ship in botanicals - some from great distances and overseas. These botanicals may be warehoused for very long periods of time awaiting sale and experience much handling in processing, which can break the ingredients down.

What does that mean for you? It means that even though you may have purchased a fabulous all natural formulation, the ingredients used in the formulation may not be fresh, which affects the product's overall quality. Or the ingredients used in the product were fresh when made, however the bottle sat for lengths of time waiting to be sold.

We have a solution for you...

Three Leaf's line of whole leaf skin care products feature botanicals grown by us on our own farm. They are hand selected by us to ensure fresh, top quality. They are made in very small batches to ensure freshness. And every bottle has the date the formulation was bottled written right on the label so you will always know exactly how fresh your Three Leaf product is.

Experience the Three Leaf difference.

The most nourishing ingredients in the world start here...

at our own Wisconsin farm.

Simply Natural
No chemicals.
No emulsifiers.
No preservatives.
No plant derivatives.
No unnecessary packaging.
No animal by-products.
No animal testing.
Made with three Simple Elements.
  • Whole Leaf Botanicals
  • Organic, Clinical Grade Essential Oils
  • Organic Plant Oils
Inspired by the plants we grow on our own beautiful and fertile Wisconsin farmland, Three Leaf products represent the very best in whole, purely botanical formulating.

Every product in the Three Leaf line features organic cultivated whole leaf botanicals from our own farm or USDA certified organic botanicals from other fabulous growers. We have personally hand selected only the finest leaves and flowers of the plant for each Three Leaf blend.

Three Leaf botanicals are hand blended and infused into rich organic carrier oils to bind with and compliment the potent plant constituents found in our beautiful botanicals.

We finished each blend with uniquely curated collections of pure, organic, clinical grade essential oils sourced from expert oil producers around the globe.

Every Three Leaf product is produced entirely by hand and bottled in small batches to ensure freshness, from field to bottle. Our unique, labor intense process means Three Leaf products are handled less, transported shorter distances, and experience less chance of product break-down.

Attention to every single detail, from seed to shipping, ensures the unrivaled quality and effectiveness of our oils.

The result is pure, potent, and amazing.
There's no place like home.
Sourcing ingredients for Three Leaf products starts close to home - from our own Wisconsin Botanical Farm.

Sourcing our whole leaf ingredients close to home translates to nutrient rich ingredients that look, smell, and absolutely vibrate with fresh, potent constituents.

As Farmers, we know that the less distance a raw ingredient has to travel means the less time the ingredient must sit in storage. Less storage time means less chance of exposure to outside influences such as fumes, chemicals, contamination, pests, and other irritants that can break down and degrade the plant's potency.

Only the very best suppliers and ingredients are selected to be part of Three Leaf's fine formulations. When choosing ingredients that cannot be sourced from our own farm we choose only to work with suppliers who meet our strict quality standards for cultivation and extraction practices.

Whole Leaf Skin Care

What is Whole Leaf skin care? Whole Leaf skin care products are made with a potent combination of whole botanical extracts bound in organic plant oil.

Perhaps the question should be - what is not Whole Leaf skin care? It's not chemicals. It's not water based products that require preservatives and emulsifiers to even stay held together. It's not natural derivatives created in a laboratory.

Three Leaf Whole Leaf Skin Care Benefits:

1. Instant results. You will feel the difference from the moment you apply Three Leaf moisturizing facial products. Water based moisturizers use waxes to bind water and oil, this seals the skin with wax - often blocking oil and active ingredients from reaching deep into the skin and hindering their effectiveness. Botanical, whole leaf, Three Leaf products are only made with plant ingredients. They are made without wax, there is nothing to stop ingredients from sinking in - your skin gets the full benefit of every single drop of Three Leaf's whole leaf, purely botanical ingredients.

2. No need for added chemicals or plant derivatives. Three Leaf products are naturally packed with beneficial actives such as antioxidants, polyphenols, omega fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. Our careful, low impact process maintains plant integrity. And because our products are oil based, there is no need for questionable preservatives or emulsifiers.

3. No need to worry about overly harsh ingredients or overly strong formulations. Plants, Oils. Simply Beautiful.

4. They are the best skin care investment you will ever make. A little goes a very long way. Our oil based moisturizers can also be used on hands, hair, eyebrows, scalp, pre- and post-shaving, cuticles, knees elbows...anywhere you need a touch up.

5. Carefully Curated. Not all serums and oil moisturizers are the same. Three Leaf products are designed and created by experienced formulating team includes a farmer/grower, herbalist, biologist, and aromatherapist.

6. It's not just about the oil - it's about the botanicals.

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