Your Winter Skin Regimen: Glowing thru the Season

Winter in a cold weather climate can mean sub-zero temperatures, harsh winds, winter heating, and less time outdoors. Dry. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Winter.

Temperature fluctuations and dry air can sap skin’s natural oil supplies, leaving it dry, stressed, or looking dull.

Even if you stay indoors during the Winter, indoor heating, wood burning fireplaces, and body warming hot showers can all contribute to dry skin issues.

The first step to beautiful Winter skin is adding hydration and protection anywhere you can. Start by increasing the humidity in your home with a humidifier. Continue to apply SPF to sun-exposed skin. Drink more water or add warm herbal tea to your routine. Look for tea blends that support skin health for an added boost.

Winter is also the time to make some hydrating and protecting Winter skin care changes. Find our Winter Skin Regimen below.

Winter Skin Regimen

Step 1: Double Cleanse for a clean slate. Instead of using super-drying alcohol based make-up removers or wipes opt for Brown Barn's Pre Cleanse. This is an oil based pre-cleanse formula meant to loosen debris and help sweep away make-up while nourishing skin with botanic infusions and rich seed oils. Follow with cleanser.


Use a creamier cleanser. High foam and bar style cleansers can dry skin with added sulfates. Follow your Pre-Cleanse with Willow & Iris Gentle Purifying Cleanser, a rich, creamy, low-foam formulation made without drying sulfates. Skin should feel clean but also smooth and soothed after washing, not dry or tight.

Or give 7 Day Glow's super hydrating CLARIFY Cleanser a try. Oil based cleansers work great for all skin types and bring added nutrients to skin. During the Winter I just rinse and air dry to allow the oils to sink in more deeply. 

Step 2: Draw moisture to skin with products featuring natural Hyaluronic Acid. Many of us immediately think of harshness or drying when we hear the word “Acid” – Hyaluronic Acid is the opposite. Natural Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture to cells and works to hold it there, where it can help hydrate parched cells. Mist with Dolia Botanic Elixir Hydrating Floral Essence (made with Hyaluronic Acid and plant waters) to draw moisture in and keep it there.

Bonus: Botanic Elixir can be used as the second step of your daily skin care routine, works great to fix make-up, or as an added boost anytime of day!



Step 3: Apply nourishing Booster Serums and Face Oils. Brown Barn’s line of Face Oils rival the best on the market for quality, formulation, and price. If you use no other moisturizer – be sure to add nutrient rich Face Oil year round. Change your face oil up with the season, opt for a heavier oil in Winter and lighter oil in the Summer. Our hands-down year round favorite is 7 Day Glow's amazing INFUSE Retinoic Moisturizing Oil with Collagen and Ceramides.


Depending on which you choose, Brown Barn Booster Serums bring extra support in the form of added minerals, honey, and even stem cells typically not found in Face Oils. Using both Face Oil and Serum brings a huge amount of nutrient rich ingredients not normally found in cream moisturizer.

Step 4: Pamper your Eyes. The skin around our eyes needs extra attention during Winter. This is the area that is often the most exposed and can show signs of dryness first in the form of fine lines. Jasmine Rose Eye Oil is a great addition, use solo or pair with Sea Buckthorn Cooling Eye Serum.



Step 5: Lock it all in with a Moisturizer. Cream based moisturizers lock in all the goodness from your face oils and serums, nourish deeply, and leave a protective barrier on skin. Primrose & Oak Daily Defense Moisturizer is our best choice for capping off a Winter Skin Regimen. 

Step 6: Don’t skip Exfoliation. Dead, dry skin cells can build up during Winter months, leading to dry skin, a dull complexion, clogged pores, or even Winter break-outs. While you may think of Exfoliating Treatments and Masks as drying, Masks and Exfoliating treatments are essential to getting a Winter Glow. Removing dry, dead cells makes way to nourish skin deeply to allow your other products to be more effective.


Skincare does not stop at your face. Finish your regimen with an overall moisturizing body treatment. Brown Barn offers a wide range of bath and body products to choose from including nourishing lotion, exfoliating body scrub, and luxurious body oil.

Taking a bit of extra care during Winter months can avoid dry skin conditions and slow aging long-term. Be sure to add hydration anywhere possible!


Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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