Hyaluronic Acid: An Anti-Aging Super Ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid is a compound that occurs naturally as a youth-supporting element of every tissue of the body, with the highest concentrations occurring in areas such as skin, cartilage and eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid is the natural gel between skin cells that serves as a cell protecting water reservoir for cells. It has an immense capacity for attracting and holding water to skin.

As we age, skin loses Hyaluronic Acid and the ability to hold sufficient water.  The loss of Hyaluronic Acid from your skin as you age results in a loss of firmness, decreased elasticity, and increasingly drier skin, which is more susceptible to the formation of lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

Feeding new Hyaluronic Acid to skin may help hydrate skin’s intercellular reservoir, raising skin’s moisture level, and smoothing down age lines while plumping and softly firming skin surface. One challenge faced by skincare formulators is how to create a Hyaluronic Acid with small enough molecules to penetrate deeply enough into skin to make a real difference.

Enter Sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is an all natural Hyaluronic Acid that has a small molecular size and is able to hold more water than any other natural substance—up to 1,000 times its weight in water! Its small size means this super-acid can penetrate deeply into skin to attract and maintain water reserves. Sodium hyaluronate also promotes blood circulation and nutrient absorption in the skin to support a normal metabolism.

The intense moisturization that comes with topical application of Sodium hyaluronate allows for the skin to operate at a higher capacity to provide a better defense against environmental assaults and other aging effects. Super-sized hydrating properties allows Sodium hyaluronate the opportunity to provide smoother, softer skin with decreased wrinkles and an all-around fuller appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium hyaluronate) can be found in our Botanic Elixir moisturizing mist. You can use Botanic Elixir anytime of day. I use it right after cleansing in place of toner. I also use Botanic Elixir to set my make-up with one spritz after applying make-up. In the Summer I keep a Botanic Elixir in the fridge to use as a cooling mist on hot days.

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Christine Untiedt, Owner, Brown Barn Botanicals


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