Three Leaf Steam, Facial Steaming Blend
Three Leaf Steam, Facial Steaming Blend
Three Leaf Steam, Facial Steaming Blend

Three Leaf Steam, Facial Steaming Blend

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A skin-nourishing, organic cultivated facial steaming blend of herbs and flowers selected specifically to aide in deep cleansing and purifying while hydrating and increasing skin circulation. The herbal aroma of this blend encourages deep, relaxing breathing.

Three Leaf's farm grown, whole leaf products feature botanicals grown on our own Wisconsin botanical farm and are hand-harvested by us, dried in our own vintage glass greenhouse, and carefully curated by our own herbalist. Sourcing ingredients from our own farm allows for the freshest and highest quality botanicals possible. The difference is experienced in fresher scent and more potent botanicals, curated by experienced and knowledgeable formulators.

Made with 100% natural organic, organic cultivated, and wildcrafted ingredients.

2 oz dried weight in botanicals in window-top tin. Price includes free shipping. Enough for 8 or more uses, depending on amount of herbs used per steam.

How it works: The botanical benefits of this herbal blend are carried to your skin on steam. Steaming Herbs are placed in a bowl of steaming water, hot water releases the potent essential attributes dormant in the dried botanicals.

Sit comfortably in front of the steaming bowl and drape a towel over your head and shoulders. Lean over the water, pulling the towel over your head to create a "tent" that will hold steam inside the tent and allow the steam to carry botanical benefits to skin while deeply inhaling and enjoying the aromatherapy benefits of this blend.

Use an Herbal Steam as part of your weekly facial ritual. Follow up with Three Leaf Facial oils and treatments. 

Calendula Flowers - Anti-oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory protects against environmental stress and helps reduce inflammation.

Crab Apple Blossoms - Anti-inflammatory and believed to be anti-aging.

German Chamomile Flower Buds - Soothing and calming to skin and for aromatherapy.

Lemon Balm (Melissa) - Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps to stimulate circulation, astringent qualities help tighten skin. Calming and soothing aromatherapy attributes.

Lemongrass - Anti-septic and Astringent for cleaning and purifying.

Lemon Peel - Smooth and soften, lighten and brighten. Believed to stimulate new skin growth.

Red Clover - Detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and believed to help ease respiratory challenges.

Red Raspberry Leaf - Soothing, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Rose Hips - Loaded with skin loving vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids believed to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all while reducing scars and fine lines.

Rosemary - Anti-bacterial and anti-septic to cleanse and purify. Helps to purge oil and detoxify.

Consider your weekly facial steam as a treat for skin and soul. Use this time to focus on breathing, meditation, or let your thoughts wander while the essential oil scents are released. 

Start with a clean, freshly washed face. 

1. Pour hot, steaming water into a bowl arranged on a table with a chair of comfortable height.

2. Sprinkle a small handful of Steaming Herbs into the steaming water. We recommend starting with less and adding as needed until you reach a volume that works best for you. 

3. Sit in front of the bowl in a comfortable position. Drape a bath towel over your head and shoulders.

4. Lean to position your face over the steaming bowl. Pull the towel over your head to cover your head and the bowl - trapping steam in a "tent" with your face. Tips: If you put too much water in, take some out or add some more herbs. If you think your water is too cold, just add a bit more boiled water.

5. Be careful! Safety first! Do not lean in so far that you scald your face and gauge the heat coming off your steaming water before beginning your steam.

6. Steam for 5 to 15 minutes. The longer the better. During this time clear your mind, focus on breathing and relaxing. Meditate or drift to your Happy Place.

7. You will feel steam collect on your face. This steam is full of potent plant extracts that have released from the botanicals in your steaming water. 

8. When finished allow face to air dry or gently pat dry. Do not rub.

9. Follow up with Three Leaf Face Oil and Treatment Oil.

10. When finished strain and reserve the remaining pan water for use as a bath tea for up to three days. Add the reserved bath tea to warm bath water for a potent herbal bath.

Tip: Prior to steaming, exfoliate with Three Leaf Glow Polishing Grains then apply a thin layer of any Three Leaf treatment serums or Brown Barn Botanicals Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask to face and chin. Leave on while steaming. The heat from steaming opens pores to allow these products to sink deeply into skin for greater effectiveness. Immediately wash off after steaming. Follow with moisturizing facial oils, serums, and/or moisturizer.

Rosa Canina Fruit (Rose Hips)*, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel*, Calendula Officinalis flower buds+, Matricaria Recutita (German Chamomile) flower buds+, Cymbopogon schoenanthus (Lemongrass)+, Trifolium Pratense (Red Clover) blossoms*, Rubus Idaeus (Red Raspberry) Leaf+, Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm) leaves+, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) leaf and stem+, Malus Species (Crab Apple) Blossoms and Leaves+.

+ Organically cultivated and hand harvested from our own Botanical Farm in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.

* USDA Certified Organic botanicals from other amazing organic farmers.

100% of the ingredients are from natural origin.

This product was formulated by Christine Untiedt, Brown Barn Founder, Grower, and Herbalist. Brown Barn owns all of its own formulations. This product is hand packaged at the Brown Barn green lab located in Holcombe, Wisconsin. The hand harvested, +Organically Cultivated botanicals in this formulation were blended and dried in our own vintage glasshouse at Brown Barn's TangleLeaf Farm located in Abbotsford, WI.