Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set
Summer Skincare Boxed Set

Summer Skincare Boxed Set

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Save over 20% off + free shipping on this curated Summer Skincare Box!

Summer is here! As with every season, your skin has special needs in the Summer. 

We've curated our favorite Summer skincare products in "get started" sizes, in a pretty little box tied with a bow - perfect for a special treat for yourself or someone you love.

Scroll down for expanded instructions and details.

The Spring Skincare Box includes all of the following:

Green Clay Exfoliating Mask with Cucumber Extract, 0.5oz - made with soothing cucumber and purifying clays.

- Raspberry Rose Anti-Aging Summer Serum, 0.5oz - made with Raspberry Seed oil to support your sunscreen with natural SPF.

- Pina Colada, Limited Edition Natural Lip Oil, 4ml

- Cider Rose Spot Treatment roll-on, Purse Size, 4ml  - great for spots of all types including bug bites, stings, scrapes, and burns as well as blemishes, age spots and skin tags.

- After Sun Body Treatment, Purse Size, 1oz - made with cooling Aloe Vera and calming Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to soothe over-exposed skin.

- Super Sample, 7 Day Glow INFUSE Retinoic Moisturizing Oil - made with added natural collagen and ceramides for effective, natural anti-aging results.

- FREE Shipping

- A hang tag with the website address taking the user to "how to" directions and an insert about Brown Barn Botanicals, making this an excellent gift choice.

Prettily packaged in a white fold-top box tied with a brown satin ribbon. 

Everything you need to know to use the box is below!

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Your Summer Collection

The Summer Skincare Box
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The Summer Skincare Set

Knowing which products to use at which time of year can be a challenge!

We've curated our favorite Summer Skincare products, along with some super samples, in a pretty little box tied with a bow - perfect for a special treat for yourself or someone you love.

Summer is all about smooth, fresh skin and battling the effects of increased sun exposure.

In Summer, we recommend adding these items to your regular skincare regimen to boost, refine, and improve your skincare program.
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1. Assess and Treat

Use Brown Barn's Cider Rose Spot Treatment to address minor bites, stings, skin spots, or even skin tags!

This heirloom herbal recipe has countless uses including acting as a wonderful spot treatment for blemishes, addressing sun and age spots, soothing angry skin, calming bites and stings, overall cleansing and purifying.

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2. Exfoliate Thoroughly

Mix 1/2 teaspoon mask base with a few drops of water to form a paste. Apply a thick layer to clean skin with a brush or fingertips, be sure to include under the chin. Use 1-2 times per week.

Leave mask on until it begins to dry around the edges of the face, nose, eyes and mouth but is still damp on cheeks and forehead (allowing clay masks to dry completely can irritate dry or sensitive skin). Remove with a warm, wet washcloth, rubbing lightly as mask is removed. Follow with botanic elixir, facial oil, serum, and/or moisturizer.

Tip: Get even greater performance from your mask by using apple cider vinegar, yogurt, honey, milk, buttermilk, lemon juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, or apple juice as a wetting agent.
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3. Address Sun Exposure

Cool and soothe sun burned skin with a pocket-size bottle of Dolia "After Sun" Treatment.

Made with a calming formulation of Aloe Vera, Honey, and Lavender Water mixed with a soothing blend of Lavender and German Blue Chamomile essential oils.

Simply shake well and mist over sun exposed areas to cool and calm sun burn and heat. Follow with rich body oil or body lotion.
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4. Nourish and Boost

Apply botanicals to your skin in rhythm with the seasons. Raspberry and Rose are fabulous anti-aging choices. This blend is rich in anti-oxidants and loaded with skin loving vitamins.

Raspberry Rose Summer Serum features:

- Raspberry extract and Raspberry Seed oil to help support the SPF of your sunscreen while also battling the effects of aging.

- Rose hip and Rose Petal extract with Rose hip oil to harness the amazing anti-aging and moisturizing benefits of Rose.

- Lavender, bergamot, jojoba, olive, and evening primrose oils to soothe and correct.

- Botanical extracts of raspberry leaf, rosehip, rose petal, turmeric, and lavender.

As a face oil: Warm a few drops of oil between fingertips and press to clean face. Use AM & PM or as desired.

As a booster: Blend a drop or two in the palm of your hand with other face oils, moisturizers, and serums to boost their effectiveness.
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5. Finish with the Lips

Escape to the tropics with Pina Colada Lip Oil flavor!

A luxurious lip oil to nourish lips naturally while adding a hint of sheen. Lip Oils are excellent for slicking on over lipstick or using without color.

Wax based lip balms lay on top of the skin, providing little to no nourishment. Our rich Lip Oils help to restore and soothe lips while providing a plant based occlusive layer to protect against environmental damage.

Roll onto lips as desired. Reapply throughout the day for maximum benefit.

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Enjoy a super sample of 7 Day Glow INFUSE Retinoic moisturizing Face Oil with Collagen and Ceramides to fight aging and nourish skin.

7 Day Glow formulations represent the most current green technology. Their formulations play double and triple duty in your routine. INFUSE acts as your moisturizer, serum, and face oil in one!

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