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Brown Barn's Natural Facial Routine
Your Perfect Skin Care Routine
We are all different, and our skin reflects this. With so many products on the market it's hard to know which product to use when and what you do and do not need.

Learn our best tips and tricks for developing your perfect skin care routine in this Brown Barn buyer's guide.

Each of us are at different points in our skin care journey. If you are just getting started with a Skin Care routine we recommend starting simple with a cleanser and a moisturizer, then adding products as needed from there. For those beginning with anti-aging products we recommend starting out by adding an anti-aging oil and an eye product to your mix.

All Brown Barn skin care products, including Three Leaf, are vegan and cruelty-free, plant-based skin care. All of our beautiful products are handmade in small batches at our own green lab and feature botanicals hand harvested from our own farm.
Step 1: Cleanse - Daily, AM & PM
Cleanser is one of the work horses of your skincare routine. Whether you have problem skin or luminous skin, washing your face with a well matched cleanser is a must. Cleansing your face should happen morning and night as the first step of your daily routine.

Tip: Use tepid to cool water and a washcloth. Washcloths provide light daily exfoliation that helps loosen and remove debris.

Do you really need Cleanser? Yes. We often hear from customers who tell us they never wash their face. Cleanser loosens and sweeps away debris that a water rinse cannot achieve. Some of our customers tell us they use bar soap on their face instead of cleanser. A dedicated skin care cleanser will protect the pH balance and skin mantle, which can be damaged by harsh bar soap or body wash.

Do you have especially oily skin, wear make-up, or are exposed to environmental pollution (dirt, hand touching, etc.)? You may need to cleanse twice (yes, twice). Start with Botanic Pre-Cleanse Elixir followed by Willow & Iris Purifying Cleanser.

Blog: Learn more about Double Cleansing with our Brown Barn Blog: Double Cleanse = Instant Glow

Blog: Learn more about Cleansing your Face with our Brown Barn Blog: "Do I need to Wash my Face? Cleanser 101"
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For All Skin Types
For Oily or Acne Prone Skin Types
For added cleansing support, make up removal, oily skin and as a cleanser substitute for especially sensitive skin.
Exfoliate - As needed up to 3 times per week.
Exfoliating is a must for glowing skin. Exfoliating means using a product that gently buffs away dead skin cells and oil build-up, clearing the way for moisturizers and treatments to enter fresh, healthy skin.

Exfoliate one to three times per week on an as needed basis. Choose a single exfoliator or combine methods for maximum results. We love using an exfoliator following facial wash and before performing a facial steam.

For those with sensitive or oily/acne prone skin: Acid based exfoliator is much more gentle to the skin than scrubs. We recommend opting for Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask with an all natural AHA and BHA complex if you have acne prone/oily/or sensitive skin. This acid based exfoliating mask may sound harsh but actually its a very mild way to dissolve the bond between dead and live skin cells to whisk away cells that would otherwise clog pores.

Tip: On days when you perform a facial steam opt for Brown Barn's Neroli & Maple AHA/BHA Resurfacing Mask. Apply this gel based mask to dry skin and leave on while facial steaming. Wash off after completing your steam. The heat and moisture of the facial steam will provide maximum results from your Neroli & Maple Resurfacing Mask. Opt to use gentle Purifying Grains or our more aggressive facial sugar scrub the rest of the week.

Do you really need an Exfoliator? exfoliator of some type should be used at least once per week to remove dead skin cells and prepare skin to receive nutrients from moisturizers.

We recommend using a wash cloth with Brown Barn products. Its gentle and does provide some light exfoliation. Some of our customers opt to only use a mechanical brush or tool as an exfoliator. That is fine as long as you are using adequate moisturizers and the tool is not so harsh as to cause damage. We recommend pairing or alternating tools with any of our beautiful formulated exfoliators for optimal results.

Learn about all the ways Resurfacing Gel Mask can be used in this Brown Barn Blog: "Neroli & Maple AHA/BHA Resurfacing Mask: One Product used Multiple Ways".
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For all Skin Types - especially elderly skin and sensitive skin. A wonderful product for anyone seeking organic and simple formulations. This is a great product for a young person just getting started in skin care. 100% organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
For dry and aging skin types. For those looking for more aggressive exfoliation. This product is very hydrating and leaves behind a soothing layer of oil.
For aging and acne prone skin. Great for anyone seeking advanced technology skin care. This product includes natural Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, use with care if you are currently on an AHA/BHA program.
Steam - One or more times per week.
Facial Steaming is a wonderful and relaxing practice. Steaming loosens debris and built up oil, helping to cleanse and prepare skin for the moisturizers and oils that follow steaming.

How To: Sit comfortably in front of the steaming bowl and drape a towel over your head and shoulders. Lean over the water, pulling the towel over your head to create a "tent" that will hold steam inside the tent and allow the steam to work to hydrate and cleanse while heat from the steam opens pores. Use an herbal steam product to add beneficial nutrients and aromatherapy to your facial steam.

Do you really need to Steam your face? No. But it is a wonderful practice. Beyond helping to detoxify and cleanse your skin, Steaming affords a few moments of "me time" using aromatherapy and meditation that just cannot be beat!

Tip: We opt for Facial Steaming Herbs as they are a better value and who doesn't love looking at beautiful leaves and flowers while steaming?
100% organic or organic cultivated ingredients.
Hydrate & Tone - Daily, AM & PM or More
Toner is a great way to hydrate your skin and can be used to calm your mind as well. Toner is made with water and essential oils or other additives that help reset skin's pH following cleanser, providing a layer of water hydration prior to applying Face Oils, or as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Spritz Toner on your face following your weekly Steam to cool and balance.

Tip: Keep a toner in the refrigerator for a cooling pick-me-up anytime. Keep a bottle in your purse or desk to use throughout the day.

Do you really need toner? No...but it's a great add on product and studies have shown toner can boost the effectiveness of your other skin care product investments. If you opt out of toner we recommend splashing water on your face just prior to using face oil once per day (either morning or night) to lock in extra moisture.

Learn all about using Toner in this Brown Barn Blog: "Toner 101"
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A natural toner for all skin types. Made with water, essential oil, and our best natural preservative.
Perfect for Aging skin types. This moisturizing mist is made with all natural Hyaluronic Acid and natural ingredients rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids to fight environmental damage and aging. Extremely oily skin may opt to use Moisturizing Mist in place of traditional moisturizer to reduce oil application to skin while benefiting from natural extracts and botanicals.
Treatments - AM & PM, as needed.
Treatments refers to serums and targeted oil treatments that are designed to meet a specific skin care need. We've added notes under each product to help you determine which treatment is right for you.

Tip: Combine treatments to design your perfect skin care program. Treatments are what make the difference in tailoring your products to your needs.

Do you really need Facial Treatments? Maybe. It depends on the unique needs of your skin. Some of us need special treatments for skin conditions every day, some of need them for occasional break-outs, and a lucky few never need skin treatments. It's all up to you and your skin!
For use on chronically dry areas or add a few drops to any moisturizer, serum or face oil to boost its hydrating effectiveness. 90.5% organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
Clove, Tea Tree, and Juniper lead the fight for clear, glowing skin in this targeted spot treatment oil. Includes a powerful oil blend of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial organic essential oils, whole leaf botanicals, and rich seed oils to regenerate, tighten, and cleanse. 99.4% organic and organic cultivated ingredients. 
An heirloom herbal recipe with countless uses including acting as a wonderful spot treatment for blemishes, addressing sun and age spots, soothing angry skin, overall cleansing and purifying. Steeped in Apple Cider Vinegar - expect a strong scent.
A brightening and tightening serum for addressing damage caused by environmental stress and aging. Apply a thin layer before or after using facial oil. Not an oil or creme but a true serum.
All the benefits of Pumpkin Seed Stem Cell Serum with added Lavender for even more moisturizing and antioxidant benefits to fight the effects of aging and environmental damage.
Take advantage of Pumpkin's anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, and protectant benefits with Pumpkin Seed Stem Cell Serum, made with Pumpkin Seed Stem Cell Extract and Pumpkin Seed Oil. 
Eye Treatments - Daily, AM and PM
The tender nature of skin in the eye area requires extra special attention. Our best recommendation is Eye Treatment Oil in the AM and Arctic Bloom Eye Creme in the PM. Layer Eye Serum AM and PM if extra attention is desired.

Do you really need Eye Treatments? Yes - after a certain age.

The eyes are where we usually see aging first. Eye Treatments are for all skin types but especially target signs of aging and environmental damage. We recommend using eye oil beginning in your 20's and adding serum or creme as you age however its never too early to use anti-aging products!
An advanced formula blend is meant to help soften and hydrate the tender eye area and protect against damaging environmental elements that can cause fine lines, under eye darkness and circles. 
An incredible blend of 22 natural actives curated specifically to rejuvenate, hydrate, and nourish the delicate eye area. Made with 91% Organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
A concentrated, soothing and contouring all natural eye treatment. Relieves puffiness and dark circles while smoothing fine lines and crow's feet. This concentrated botanic mask leaves the eye area with a matte finish, looking smooth and refreshed. This product is a true serum - not an oil or a creme. Sold in a glass roll-on.
Moisturizers and Face Oils - Daily, AM & PM
Moisturizers and Face Oils provide important nutrients and depending on the formulation, can reduce and in some cases reverse the signs of aging.

Do you really need Moisturizer or Face Oil? Yes - if you care about the long term health and appearance of your skin. They are absolute must have items for everyone - regardless of age or skin type. Cleanser and Moisturizer are the two work-horses of any skin care routine. Moisturizer protects and repairs environmental damage and signs of natural aging.

When thinking about moisturizers there are several approaches to consider.
  • Creme's - Water based products that are the most common moisturizers on the market. Brown Barn's moisturizers are made with a water base with added seed oil, essential oils, and all natural biologic active derivatives that deliver high technology solutions to aging and damaged skin.
  • Oils - Brown Barn specializes in oils! We start with an infusion base using organic cultivated botanicals from our own farm or other fabulous organic farms. To this base we add essential oils and seed oils to create the most beautiful and effective essential oils available.
  • Layering - Many of our customers layer Oils and Creme's or opt to use Oils in the AM and Creme's in the PM.
By considering all of the attributes each product offers and your skin needs you can build a custom skin care solution for your lifestyle needs.
A lightweight moisturizer perfect for every skin type. We recommend Primrose & Oak Daily Defense for use in the morning with a heavier oil or creme in the evening.
A technologically advanced all natural face creme designed to fight aging, spots, and environmental damage.  Formulated with Hylaronic Acid, Peptides, and essential Fatty Acids intended to support moisture and elasticity, encouraging a naturally radiant glow. 
A synergistic blend of Organic essential oils, whole leaf botanicals, and rich Organic seed oils to address skin care concerns specific to aging and environmental damage including fine lines, discoloration, scars, and clarity. Made with 80.41% organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
A light non-organic oil for aging skin. Formulated to combat fine lines, skin discoloration, age spots, and large pores. 
A general purpose, nutrient rich Facial Oil for all skin types. Made with an infusion of Wild Carrot and Dandelion in a Sunflower base.
A calibrated face oil for all skin types, formulated specifically for daytime use. Designed with light yet effective, make-up friendly oils and curated with ingredients that provide soothing properties to help offset the stress of the day. Made with 99% organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
For all skin types, especially aging and damaged skin. A unique overnight oil that works while you sleep for a youthful morning glow! Designed to provide an intense, balancing night treatment that lighter-weight day oils just cannot compete with. Made with 95% organic and organic cultivated ingredients.
This complex oil was formulated to address the special needs of combination skin and to provide hydrating support in repairing damage caused by Summer sun or Winter wind exposure and from the natural aging process.