Hydrating Bundle

Your quiz results indicated your skin tends to be dry or may be sensitive.

We Have Two Bundles For You To Choose From...

Dry Skin:

Choose the "Bundle: Dry Skin Type" if you are UNDER the age of 35. For younger dry/sensitive skin we recommend focusing on keeping your skin hydrated and nourished with beautifully infused seed oils and beginning to introduce age defying ingredients in the first place we show lines - our eyes.
  • Make-up Remover: Brown Barn PreCleanse
  • Cleanser: Willow & Iris Daily Defense Purifying Cleanser
  • Nourish: Dolia Strawberry Rhubarb Serum
  • Moisturizer: Dolia Bio-Complex Cream
  • Eyes: Dolia Active Eye Cream
  • Exfoliate: Dolia Maple AHA Mask

Aging Dry Skin:

Chose the "Bundle: Aging, Dry Skin Type" if you are OVER the age of 35. For those with aging, dry skin or aging sensitive skin we recommend choosing products that are hydrating, nourishing, and loaded with age defying ingredients to battle fine lines and age spots:
  • Make Up Remover/Cleanser: 7 Day Glow CLARIFY BHA Hydrating Cleanser
  • Nourish & Moisturize: 7 Day Glow INFUSE Retinoic Facial Oil with Collagen and Ceramides
  • Supplemental Moisturizer: Dolia Bio-Complex Cream (opt for this in the morning if you find face oil too much for daytime use, if you have extremely dry skin you can layer Infuse and Bio-Complex Creme).
  • Eyes: Dolia Active Eye Cream
  • Exfoliate: Dolia Maple AHA Mask

Dry Skin Tips:

You wash your face and expect to feel fresh and clean, but instead it feels irritated and tight. And during the dryer months, your skin may actually be flaky, causing you to look red and feel itchy.

Dry skin struggles to retain the natural moisture needed as a protective shield against external influences. Because of this, your skin may feel rough and look on the duller side. You may not be prone to acne, but the dehydrated feeling might seem just as difficult to manage.

Ready to get your skin glowing? Here are some tips to get you started!

1) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
The best thing to do for dry skin is to get it hydrated. Use a deep, night-time moisturizer, like Dolia Bio-Complex Cream after you shower or wash your face. Layer moisturizers with 7 Day Glow's INFUSE oil based Moisturizer.

Wash with a gentle, hydrating oil based cleanser, such as 7 Day Glow's CLARIFY BHA Hydrating Cleanser.

Water can dry out the skin easily, so this is the best time to ensure you develop hydration. You’ll see results very quickly!

2) Ditch the harsh chemicals.
Ingredients in soap and cleansers like fragrance and parabens can be super rough on dry skin. Your skin won’t retain moisture if it can’t breathe! Brown Barn's product lines - Brown Barn, 7 Day Glow, and Dolia - are perfect for skin like yours!

3) Goodbye Drought!
Winter indoor heating, wind, or if you spend too much time in the sun, can dry out your skin quickly. Try using a humidifier in your home, and make sure to wear sunscreen when going outdoors. Ensure you are drinking enough water - you should aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water. For example if you weight 200 pounds, aim to drink 100 ounces of water each day.

4) Exfoliate Occasionally to Remove Dry, Dead Cells. As we age, our skin struggles to naturally slough off dead skin cells. Even though you have dry skin you still need to exfoliate. We recommend starting by exfoliating once every 2 to 3 weeks. If you find you can go to once weekly do so! Removing debris and dry, dead cells will allow your face oils and moisturizers to more easily sink in to support healthy new cells.