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Virtual Gift Card

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Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give the gift of Green Beauty with a Brown Barn Botanicals Gift Card!

What is a Virtual Gift Card? Brown Barn Virtual Gift Cards work like a cash gift. It is money a Recipient can use to purchase any product at The Gift Card can be sent via email or printed out and hand delivered.

All customers receive Free Shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase reqiured so you can rest assured that 100% of your Gift Card funds will go toward the purchase of products with no added fees or shipping charges!

To Use: Gift cards are delivered by email to the purchaser's (your) email with a link to view the Gift Card. When the link is clicked a new screen opens up revealing the Gift Card code, value, and website link. The Gift Card has a unique code that is to be entered in the Gift Card area on the last page of the check-out. Once purchased, there are no additional fees associated with a Gift Card. Gift Cards can be used with sales. Gift Cards cannot be used at Brown Barn Retail Partner locations, they can only be used on our website at 

To Gift Personally: Simply print the gift card out and hand deliver!

To Gift via Email:  Gifting via email can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1) Forward the Email from our website that states your Gift Card is ready. Don't forget to explain what is being forwarded to the person you are gifting and who it is from! Tell them to click the "View Your Gift Card" link on the attached email. The recipient then clicks on the link to view the Gift Card and uses it from there.

2) If you prefer to send the Gift Card itself you can click the "print" link in the lower left corner of the Gift Card link. Then save the Gift Card as a pdf. Attach the Gift Card pdf to an original email from you. Again, don't forget to let the recipient know a Gift Card is attached and who it is from and what it is for!

Expiration Date: Gift cards purchased at do not have an expiration date. Please note: Gift Cards issued by Brown Barn for promotions or other reasons may have an expiration date. Please check your gift card to confirm your expiration date.

Please Note: Brown Barn's previous Gift Cards were either issued by paper card in one of the Brown Barn Brick & Mortar store locations or sent directly to the recipient via email from our website. The new system at is different. You must forward the Gift Card email to the person you are gifting yourself or print the email out and hand deliver it to the recipient.

Why can't I send the Gift Card directly to the Recipient from Your Website? We set the new program up this way to ensure Recipients are aware they have received a Gift Card. We found with the previous system some Gift Cards were heading into Spam folders and the Recipient was sometimes unaware they had received a gift, especially if the Giver did not tell the Recipient to look for a Gift Card in their email. By setting up the program so that the Giver must email or deliver the Gift Card themselves we can all rest assured the Recpient is aware of the gift!

Will you remind my Friend to use their Gift Card? Unfortunately, we cannot remind Recipients to use their gift cards. Once purchased we have no way of knowing who the gift card was given to. We suggest following up with Gift Card Recipients to make sure they remember to use their Gift Cards.

What if my Friend loses their Gift Card? If your friend loses their card and you did not keep the email link then you, as the purchaser, can reach out to us and request we resend the code to you. To request a resend just email us at We are happy to help! Please note: We cannot resend a Gift Card to anyone except the person who purchased the card.

I have an old Gift Card from one of your stores. How do I redeem it? If you have an old Gift Card or Code from one of Brown Barn's other venues first check the front of the Gift Card to be sure it has not expired. If the card/code is still valid then please email us at to request a code for the new site. Most cards do not expire however cards purchased during the 1/2 off Holiday sales of 2015 and 2016 have expired. An expiration date appears on the front of cards purchased during special promotions. These cards also have a red border around the outer edge.

I received a Gift Card from Brown Barn but I don't want it. Can I get Cash Back? Once purchased, Gift Cards are only able to be used to purchase product. We cannot give cash back to a Recipient. If you prefer cash you can either ask the person who purchased the card to contact us for a refund or you can sell the code to someone else. We are unable to credit a refund to anyone except the person who purchased the card.

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