Three Leaf Whole Leaf Skin Care

Three Leaf by Brown Barn.

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If you've ever held a seed in the palm of your hand and felt its life oil, watched a bumblebee hover over a nectar filled flower, or deeply inhaled the intoxicating aroma of a rose, you know the powerul beauty of plants. 

Three Leaf is a collection of farm grown, whole leaf, completely plant-based skincare and wellness products designed to deliver the purest and healthiest skin care on the planet. From complex botanical combinations to simple whole leaf herbal treatments - our products are made using potent plant ingredients direct from our own Botanical Farm.

They say the word "Natural" has lost it's meaning. We disagree.

It seems to be everywhere - Natural, Naturally Derived, All Natural, 100% Natural, Naturally made - but when you look at the label you find botanic derivatives, preservatives, emulsifiers, lots of water, and fillers. And worst of all, you don't know where the ingredients come from or where they are made or even how old the ingredients are.

Three Leaf products are professionally formulated, made with 100% natural, fresh ingredients, and professionally made in small batches by a company you can trust. 

With Three Leaf, Brown Barn has set out to define and raise the bar for Natural skin care. 

Because we know the most effective skin care ingredients in the world come directly from plants, we've designed a skin care line made exclusively from whole flowers and leaves, essential oils, and seed oils selected specifically for their skin beneficial age-defying and repairing elements.

Because we know everyone is different, we've formulated Three Leaf products to be used alone or safely used with other Brown Barn products to enhance and upgrade your current skin care routine.

Because safety and health is important, we've selected organic and organic cultivated ingredients to ensure there is no chance of harmful chemical residue or genetic interference in Three Leaf products. What you get is exactly what the label states - pure, rich, effective, active plant ingredients. Organic ingredients cost more, but they are essential to ensure the safety and integrity of Three Leaf product formulations.

Because honesty and integrity is important, Three Leaf provides transparency in everything from where the ingredients were sourced to the date the product was bottled. A new, dedicated "Three Leaf Beauty" web site is set to launch in April!

Because understanding is important, Brown Barn Botanicals and Three Leaf web sites (Three Leaf's web site is launching in April!) are being structured to include more ingredient information, instructional assistance, recommendations, and user tips.

Professionally formulated and made in small batches at our own lab without chemicals, without natural derivatives, without harmful preservatives and emulsifiers, without large warehouse manufacturing - Three Leaf is made with naturally effective, fresh ingredients, professionally made in small batches by a company you can trust. 

Three Leaf gives meaning back to "Natural" skin care.

Purely Crafted. Naturally Effective. Honestly Beautiful.

Three Leaf Beauty.