Winning Combinations - What products go with which products?

The Brown Barn Botanicals product lines expand and shrink and expand again over the months and years. Why? Because I keep learning, finding new things to share, editing out things our customers do not buy, expanding on trends our customers love, and finally - adding things I love personally.

When I add products it is seldom a "one off" item that really does not pair or support another item. But sometimes it's not so clear what "goes with what". 

Facial Products That Go Together

1. Cleansers - all cleansers go with Daily Defense Primrose & Oak Moisturizer

2. Serums and Face Oils - all serums, complexes, and face oils can be used interchangeably with all of our other products. I love to "cocktail" a few drops of face oil with Primrose & Oak Moisturizer. One of my customers recently shared she find pairing a few drops of 7 Day Glow INFUSE moisturizing oil with Primrose & Oak for a bit more anti-aging action.

Yes, you can combine all of our serums and complexes together into one "super complex" but it is not necessary. Read the product descriptions and match the product as closely to your skin needs as possible. Then try just one serum or complex or face oil. If that's not working for you add another or replace the one you just used with another. 

Tip: If you really dislike the feeling of oil on your face try opting for our Cranberry Honey Facial Serum. This is a water based, gel-type serum that will sink in quickly and not leave an oily residue. That said, I personally prefer face oils and feel they are more effective over all for aging.

3. Spot Treatments - You can use any of our serums, complexes, or face oils as spot treatments. We also have two official "spot treatments", however both of these items are on the slate to be discontinued or reformulated soon due to low sales. (Which tells me our regular products are working great as there is little need for spot treatments with our customers!)

4. Exfoliators and Masks - Any exfoliator/mask can go with any products in our lines. BUT do not mix a liquid/gel exfoliator (such as Dolia Maple AHA Resurfacing Treatment) with a mechanical scrubber such as our loofah facial pad or any of our clay masks as it may be too much for your skin. Wait several days and alternate between applying a treatment and using the scrubber or clay mask.

5. 7 Day Glow products - 7 Day Glow is the brain-child of Alyssa Van Doorn, our formulator (and my daughter). Alyssa believes we only need 3 pieces for our skincare routine and designed 7 Day Glow with the right combination of nourishing, nutrient rich oils and potent natural anti-aging derivatives to supply a complete skincare regimen in just a few pieces. It's great for anyone - but especially if you are busy our genuinely just really dislike using a ton of products.

Anything in our lines can be paired with 7 Day Glow products however do not pair the 7 Day Glow "Boost" resurfacing treatment with the Dolia "Maple AHA Resurfacing Treatment" as both are made with natural hydroxy acids that would be too much for your skin if combined. In particular our customers opt to use the CLARIFY facial cleansing oil and/or INFUSE face oil with other products. They pair especially nice with our Botanic Elixir!

6. Eyes - We have 2 eye treatments, an oil and a serum. Some of customers choose to use the serum in the morning and the oil in the evening. I like that approach as it brings a wider variety of nutrients to your skin - however our eye oil was built with caffeine to reduce swelling and under eye circles so probably is best used in the morning if you have these issues. Again, the difference between the serum and oil is that the serum will finish without an oily texture. The face oil is better for anti-aging benefits.

7. Botanic Elixir - Botanic Elixir deserves it's own little corner in the world, I can't say enough about it. Right now this is my absolutely favorite product. I love misting with Botanic Elixir right after cleansing and following with 7 Day Glow INFUSE face oil. The hyaluronic acid in Botanic Elixir helps draw the face oil deeper into my skin and my skin is left just like velvet!

Body Products That Go Together

1. Bar Soap - If you use bar soap in the shower or tub always add a bar soap saver to your order. I cannot say enough for these little pouches that hold your soap, allow them to hang to dry, and add regular exfoliation with each use. They also make your bar soap foam even better than most liquid soaps.

2. Shampoo Bars (and facial cleansing bar) - Store these items away from the direct spray of the shower water so they will last longer. Grab one of our Bamboo Soap Cages, the round bars fit in them perfectly and keep them safe and dry in your shower.

3. Bath Salts - Most of our bath salts have a matching body scrub and many also have a matching bar soap. I love to pair these items together to layer scent!

4. Body Scrub - I adore body scrub, it works so well for my dry skin (which got even dryer after menopause!). Pair your body scrub with a Boar Bristle Natural Dry body brush. The brush will loosen dead skin cells and debris prior to the bath/shower. All you do is lightly brush your body DRY (dry brush and dry body) before jumping in the shower or tub. Then follow with your exfoliating body scrub. Your skin will absolutely glow. Follow with body oil on wet skin right out of the tub or shower then air dry or body lotion. (You actually might not need any lotion or body oil, the body scrub works so well!)

5. Lotion Bars - Go with everything! I especially love to pair them with our liquid hand soap at my kitchen sink. My hands really take a beating between working on the farm and in the lab. The lotion bars give me a layer of hydration and a protective beeswax layer to help repel drying elements.

I hope this little list helped to clarify anything you had questions about! I looove hearing from you and welcome any and all questions, reach out to me at (and yes I know - I need to get a shorter email address!)

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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