Why Lip Oil should be your next beauty purchase.

Women, men, teens, children. At one time or another we all struggle with the most annoying beauty problem...dry, chapped lips.

I notice that no matter how often I apply lip balm, I still eventually end up with tender, chapped lips.

While exfoliating with a toothbrush or scrub works to temporarily slough off chapped lips you must follow up with some nourishing protection or the cycle will start all over again.

Waxy lip balms leave a thick layer on top of your skin that protects the lips but also prevents nourishment from entering the thinly skinned lip area. Many commercial lip balms also contain petroleum and other ingredients that create a temporary protective barrier but these ingredients, meant to protect lips, do not provide the nourishment lips need to be truly healthy. Like any other body part - the healthier lips are the easier it is to ward off skin issues such as chapping and cracking.

Lip oils are a great alternative to waxy lip balms and the problems they pose.

Lip oils have been around for decades under a variety of names, some of you may remember sweet tasting lip oils from your youth. Today's lip oils are not the same sticky lip smacking roll-ons we remember from the 1980's. Each with its own purpose, the newest generation of lip oils range from tinted, highly engineered wands to non-colored, all natural roll-ons designed to nourish and fight environmental damage.

Don't be confused by the term "lip oil". These oil based beauties are not greasy - they are hydrating - the oils simply sink in, leaving a beautiful shine to lips. Lip oils protect through the use of oils that soak in deeply and allow nourishment to enter the tender lip area, making for luscious, healthy looking lips.

Think of Lip Oil like "serum for the lips". Well-formulated lip oils will contain at least one heavier "base" oil, such as Castor oil, that will serve as a protective layer to more delicate nourishing oils meant to sink into lips and several nourishing oils to hydrate and feed the skin.

I prefer to use lip oil without color because I can use it all day long without worrying about the color. I love that I can slick it on over lipstick for a sophisticated shine. Lipsticks tend to be drying to lips so adding a layer of lip oil on top of your favorite color makes sense.

Opting for uncolored lip oil also means you don't have to throw out all those lipsticks we know everyone hoards. Instead, you can bump them up with a bit of shine from an uncolored lip oil while also transporting nourishing elements to the lips. 

While transitioning to lip oil, dry skin may slough off for a day or two. This is natural and means the lip oils are beginning to work. You can speed this process along by applying a lip exfoliator, be sure to check out our blog of DIY Lip Scrub Recipes (click here).

Pure plant-based lip oils sink in deeply as they bind with skin.


We recommend reapplying lip oil throughout the day to keep the nourishment going, I find I use my lip oil four or more times a day. Actually I think I use it that much because it feels so good on my lips, not because I necessarily need it that often! You can use lip oils as desired, there is no need to worry about waxy build-up.

Be sure to check out our line of 100% natural flavored lip oils. They include season flavors like Peach, Pina Colada, and Peppermint and popular year-round favorites of Cherry and Raspberry. 


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