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Sustainable and Accessible - The Keys to a Successful Beauty Routine
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Sustainable and Accessible - The Keys to a Successful Beauty Routine

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Have you ever found a great online recipe for a beauty smoothie promising immediate and fabulous results only to find the ingredients are not available to you locally? Or purchased a promising new product only to later stop using it because it requires too much of your time? Or committed to walking or jogging only to be stopped by Winter snow? 

If you said "yes" to any of the above then you can relate to two key words in this blog - Sustainable and Accessible.

"Sustainable Beauty" has been a buzz phrase in the Beauty Industry for years. This phrase is usually used as a reference to how eco-friendly or environmentally sustainable a company's packaging and operations are. Sustainable beauty companies often use recyclable packaging materials, follow protocols to reduce their environmental footprint, or undergo rigorous certifications for ecologically sound practices.

I propose a second definition of "Sustainable Beauty" which means more to us personally. When it comes to beauty for myself and many of our customers, "sustainable" is more about being able to sustain use of a product or practice long term.

For me, "Sustainability" is the cornerstone of a successful beauty approach. From the products we formulate to our farm management practices to our personal health and beauty routines, we evaluate our products, recipes, and practices based on how sustainable they are for the environment, our customers, and our personal lifestyles.

Another word that I personally think should be a much bigger part of the Beauty Industry, and I feel goes hand-in-hand with the word "Sustainable", is "Accessible".

Living in rural North-Central Wisconsin can sometimes pose access issues when it comes to obtaining year round fresh produce and value propositions. Also, my personal lifestyle leaves little time to head out to a gym or to find time for a ten piece beauty routine. I need products, recipes, and practices that work with my rural location, time constraints, and lifestyle.


Finances can also play a role in both sustainability and accessibility. For example, I often find great products from companies participating in fabulous environmentally sustainable practices but their products are priced far out of reach. A $300+ per ounce product is not accessible to many of our customers. Even if one could afford to purchase it once or receive it as a gift, can it continue to purchased long term? If the answer is no, then its not accessible or sustainable.

I ask myself several key questions when planning my beauty practices or choosing recipes to support my skin and overall health.

1. If its a recipe, are the ingredients easily accessible? Can I grow the fresh ingredients myself or purchase them at our local grocer as part of my weekly shopping?

2. Is it affordable? Can I afford this product long term? 

3. Can I adapt this product or recipe with the seasons? For example, can I substitute frozen or dried ingredients for fresh during the Winter? Is it a product or practice I can use year-round, even in the snow?

4. Do I have time for this routine? Can I commit the time required to apply or participate or create the recipe frequently enough to see results?


5. Is it multi-functional? Can I use this product in different ways or combine it with another product for greater use? Can I adapt the recipe using different ingredients to save time and money and still see the same results?

To me, "Sustainable Beauty" means I can actually sustain this beauty routine long term and I can easily access what I need to participate. 

While there are a huge variety of skin care products, recipes, routines and more available to us, the key to success is choosing only those which fit our location and lifestyle.

Sustainable and Accessible are the cornerstones of a successful beauty routine.

To find sustainable and accessible products and suggestions or to learn more about Brown Barn Botanicals visit
Christine Untiedt
Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals
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