Sugar Scrub and Why You Need It Now


Now is the time to start thinking about skin exposing Summer clothes. Get your best looking arms and legs by preparing now.

My go-to for Summer skin prep is exfoliating Sugar Scrub.

There are two major reasons I love Sugar Scrub.

1. It works. It's gentle enough that I don't have to worry about it damaging my skin like salt scrubs and exfoliating tools can do. And it works so simply right in the shower or bath.

2. I don't need to apply any body oil or lotion after using Sugar Scrub (although it certainly doesn't hurt to follow-up with more).

Additionally - Sugar Scrub is much like body oil in that it does not require emulsifiers or synthetic preservatives, making it a super healthy option. Brown Barn Sugar Scrubs are made with fair trade light brown sugar as well.

How To Use

Always apply to damp skin in shower or tub. Do not use Sugar Scrub outside of the tub as it will make a mess without water to rinse any excess away.

Scoop a small amount of Sugar Scrub onto fingertips, then apply in circular motions from fingertips and toes.

Always scrub toward heart to stimulate circulation.

Apply until the sugar dissolves (a little goes a long way). Rinse.

Take care exiting tub or shower so as not to slip.

Yes - it's that easy! Pat dry so as not to wipe away the oil left on your skin.

We offer Sugar Scrub in 100% natural Lavender and Orange. And in limited edition phthalate free fragrances seasonally.

Here are our current selections...


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