Starting a Skin Care Regimen


Building a regimen tailored to your unique skin needs is the first step toward achieving beautiful, glowing skin. When your skin care regimen is correctly dialed in it will leave you feeling like you just finished a spa facial in your own home.


Getting to this point can take a bit of trial and error, but at Brown Barn Botanicals you need not be afraid – we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy – you can return any skin care product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund that includes your return shipping costs.


If you are unsure where to begin I suggest starting with a cleanser and an exfoliator since they give the quickest results.

Typically the sequence of your skin care regimen will look something like this: cleanser, exfoliator (a few times per week), floral elixir or toner, serum or complexes, eye products, face oil and/or moisturizer.

I recommend adding each product one by one until you’ve found exactly the right match to your skin type.

Take note of what does and does not work or feel right for your skin and try making minor adjustments first (in other words don’t give up too soon!). For example, if the moisturizer feels too light perhaps add a face oil. If your moisturizer feels too heavy try using less or gliding it on over damp skin.


Important – don’t panic if your skin breaks out when starting a new product or routine! 

If you are new to natural skin care, or to Brown Barn Botanicals, your skin may react by detoxing itself. In fact, it is more common to break out at first when making a major change than to not break out.

An adjustment period as your skin purges chemical build up is normal. It typically takes up to six weeks for skin to adjust to any new product so be kind and patient with your skin, it’ll pay off in the end!

If breakouts from new products continue for a long period of time (over two weeks), then it might need a different option. Test things one at a time and identify what feels heavy, or oily, or drying. These are key indicators of something not being right.

That said, sometimes you yourself may need an adjustment period in order to get used to a high quality natural product. For example, sometimes an oil can feel very “oily” when you first use it but as your skin adjusts you find it sinks in quite quickly!

Keep in mind your skin changes with the seasons, in the Winter you may need more moisture and in summer less. You may find you have combination skin at times. Look for products that adjust with your skin. A great option is 7 Day Glow's line of products which are built specifically to be used in different combinations to achieve optimal results.

Changing to an all natural (or any new) skin care regimen can be a daunting task but with a little patience and time you will be rewarded with glowing, luminous skin. 

Christine Untiedt
Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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