Shampoo Bars 101

Shampoo Bars have developed a big following here at Brown Barn Botanicals.

Made with all natural ingredients, designed to target scalp and hair health, shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Most liquid shampoos make use of harsh sulfates to produce a luxurious foam. Because they are usually made with water, which can make up to 70% of their formula, liquid shampoo requires emulsifiers and questionable preservatives to bind and preserve.

Shampoo bars need no sulfates, emulsifier or preservative because they are made using the same process as bar soap.

I absolutely love Brown Barn Shampoo Bars. I have naturally fine and straight hair. When I use shampoo bars I find I do not need conditioner and usually I do not need much for styling products because the shampoo bars leave my hair fuller and feeling thicker.

Brown Barn shampoo bars are a mix of high quality oils and essential oils especially chosen for hair and scalp health. Our bars do not contain detergents or hair drying ingredients.  

Solid Shampoo bars are perfect for traveling (no liquid to go thru security) and camping or just for day to day use. They are especially popular with backpackers and for camping as they dry quickly and pack easily.

How To Use 

At first, expect hair to go thru a short "de-tox" stage during which our super mild bars remove product and chemical build-up from hair. After that hair will be simply squeaky clean.  Some of our customers use the bars for hair detox only while others use everyday year round. We have found most people do not need a conditioner with the shampoo bar. 

Apply directly to hair or by running between hands to create a lather. Rinse well. You may experience some initial change in hair as hair purges previously used chemical products. This will disappear with repeated use, leaving hair natural and protected by healthy oils.

Always spot test any new shampoo on colored hair to ensure compatibility.

Large shampoo bars can last for more than 40 shampoos.

TIP: Soaps will melt in the shower when exposed to warm water. Extend the life of your shampoo bar with our Bamboo Cage, the shampoo bar fits perfectly and stays dry in the shower when not in use. 

Brown Barn has five scents to choose from. Several scents pair perfectly with our men's product line options for easy gift giving and scent layering. These scents are also beautiful for women!

Scroll down to see them all. Pair with our all natural styling balm for a 100% natural hair care routine.

Christine Untiedt | Brown Barn Botanicals Founder/Owner


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