Recipe: Relaxing Salt Soak

A relaxing salt soak can be just the thing to relieve sore muscles and relax your mind after a long day. 
This recipe is for a therapeutic level salt soak. 

Relaxing Salt Soak

1. Fill tub with warm water.

2. Add up to 1 pound sea salts, Epsom salts, or a combination of the two.
3. Add drops of essential oils. Be careful not to make direction contact with the essential oils on your skin as some essential oils can be hazardous if not cut with oil or water first. Use a total of 6 drops of essential oils in combinations that please you.
4. Swish your hand through the bathwater to mix and dissolve.
5. Relax and enjoy for 20-30 minutes or until water completely cools.
Add a candle and relaxing music for an even more relaxing bath!
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