Sunny Orange to beat the Cold Weather Blues

When the temperatures dip and the days shorten there is just one scent I crave in my skincare products - orange. From bright and sunny sweet orange to moody blends, the scent of orange essential oil lifts my spirits in a way no other scent can achieve.
Just a few benefits of orange essential oil include: mood lifting, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, making it a great choice for those suffering from break-outs - or simply the winter blues.
Orange essential oils are made from the peel of the orange. These oils can be found in a range of orange related oils including sweet orange, mandarin, wild orange, and blood orange.
Orange essential oil in skincare brings more benefits than simply lifting your mood. These benefits include:
  • Vitamin C found in Orange helps reduce dark spots and blemishes
  • Fighting free radicals that can speed aging
  • Antibacterial properties to fight acne breakouts
  • Boosts circulation lending a brighter complexion
  • Supports cell growth and collagen synthesis
  • Astringent properties that help reduce large pores and firm the skin
  • Naturally controls excess oil (sebum)
  • Antiseptic properties that help speed healing

It has been our experience in our decade+ of creating and selling skincare and body products that orange essential oil tends to work well for most of our customers and skin types.

One thing to note about using citrus essential oil is that some of these oils (lemon, lime, bergamot to name a few) can cause phototoxicity if applied before going into the sun without use of a sunscreen. Sweet orange seldom results in a sun reaction but regardless - always apply sunscreen before going into the sun. 

Be sure to check out our favorite orange essential oil blends. Some are "limited edition" items so snag them now before they are gone for the season!

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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