What's New At Brown Barn?

We have so many new and seasonal products! From bath salts to lip balms to an entire line of products for Men - we've been adding new products almost daily.

Earlier this year I sat down with my stack of customer requests and tried to implement as many of the top requests as possible including packaging changes.

In this blog I'm outlining each new product and update so you don't miss a single one!

Lip Balm

Brown Barn customers have been asking us to bring back Lip Balm for years - we heard you and added 11 Lip Balm flavors AND an adorable little "LippyClip" holder to keep them in.

I'll be the first to say Lip Oil is a must-have. It sinks in deeply and is the foundation for gorgeous lips. BUT we also like Lip Balm for the protective beeswax layer it creates to hold in all the goodness of lip oil and to protect from further damage. 

Best Practice - use both. Carry your Lip Balm with you to protect your lips from environmental damage throughout the day and use Lip Oil as part of your morning and evening skincare routines. Lip Oil can also be used throughout the day, however if you prefer lip balm we recommend giving your lips a break at night and limiting your Lip Balm use to daylight hours only.

Look For - more new Lip Oil flavors to coordinate with our new Lip Balms coming in October.

LippyClips are now available in 14 different patterns - 7 year round patterns and 7 Holiday patterns. Find them all HERE


A new "Accessories" category has been added with essential tools. I curated this selection from all of my personal favorites.


Find all of your favorites in one spot - soap bags, soap savers, facial pads, booties, LippyClips, and more.

Best Practice - Exfoliating is the key to beautiful, glowing skin. Layer your exfoliator with a sugar scrub or facial exfoliating treatment.

Soaking Salts

Bath Salts

Over the years we've sold Bath Salts in a variety of weights, scents, and more. They do come and go in popularity but I personally love nothing more than soaking in a tub with added salts.

These "Soaking Bath Salts" take regular scented bath salts to spa level with added botanicals and essential oils to target your specific needs. 

Choose from a relaxing Lavender Rose blend, restorative Eucalyptus Arnica (which works great for minor muscle and joint aches), or rejuvenating Orange Immortelle (my favorite).

In this category we are trialing one foaming (bubble bath) bath salt. This Lavender Foaming Bath Salt (think Tranquility!) is made with a hydrating oil blend and added Goat's Milk and colloidal Oatmeal for an amazing skin soothing treatment.

Body Scrub (and Foot Scrub)

Body Scrub

I said it above and I'll say it again - the key to glowing skin is exfoliation! 

We've brought back body scrub in three forms:

1) Lavender Sugar Scrub - made with fair trade, organic sugar and relaxing lavender essential oil.

2) Pumpkin Coffee Sugar Scrub - a seasonal selection made with added coffee for a deeper exfoliation.

3) Rosemary Mint Foot Scrub - an energizing and smoothing foot treatment for a home-spa experience.

Best Practice - Use sugar scrub on your body 2-3 times per week. Pair foot and body exfoliators with exfoliating accessories for a healthy, natural glow.

Look For - A matching Rosemary Mint Foot Balm to finish your home foot treatment. Coming October 4, 2021.

Men's Products

I cannot count how many times we've been asked to bring back products for men. We heard you and have added a full line of products for men in four scents.

  • Skincare (to use with our other skincare products)
  • Beard Balm and Beard Oil
  • Mustache Wax
  • Styling Balm
  • Solid Lotion Sticks - for hands, feet, and body
  • Soap Scents selected specifically to appeal to men (although women love them too!)
  • Accessories - Beard Brush and Comb

Look For - Gift Sets for Men will be added to the website in early October.

Sink Sets

Another item we've had many requests to bring back is natural liquid soap. 

I am a firm believer that no sink is complete without soap and lotion so I created a matching lotion for each of our new liquid soaps:

- Lemon Citrine Soap (match with Lemon Citrine Lotion)

- French Lavender Soap (match with Lavender Lotion)

- Orange Soap (match with Malabar Orange Lotion)

- Lemongrass Soap (match with Lemon Citrine Lotion)

All in 8oz amber bottles. These work great as sink sets or can be taken into the shower.

A little goes a long way with this highly concentrated soap so we stuck with 8oz bottle sizes. If they sell well, we will add larger sizes later.

Look for - We have moved our regular Lavender essential oil lotion to the new Sink Sets. Look for an update to our regular Lavender body lotion blend that will elevate this lotion to a whole new level. And we will continue to offer seasonal body lotion options.

Vegan Solid Lotion Bars in two sizes

Another product that is back by popular demand! Lotion Bars are available in two sizes - Mini (my favorite) that is handy to have on hand for a quick treatment and large (2oz) size for large jobs. 

These solid lotion bars are made with plant based waxes (not beeswax) so will decrease the chance of clogged pores while still providing a protective layer to your skin. This is also a great option for the Vegans in our group!

Available in a variety of natural essential oil blends and can be found in all of the Men's scents (in "man friendly" packaging).

 lotion bars

Updated Labels

As new products are added and formulations are updated we have been slowly moving over to a new, more current label design.

The new design is meant to address

1) requests for easier to read labels with crisper fonts;

2) to bring our products up to "retail ready" standards to allow us to eventually wholesale some of our products to brick and mortar stores;

3) to reduce our labels to one per item wherever possible to reduce our environmental footprint. 

Bar Soap Wrapping Has Changed

Another customer request we've had repeatedly is to replace the plastic bar soap wrap with a more eco-friendly material.

I agree! Previously we'd been using a shrink wrap band on our bar soaps. When we had brick and mortar stores the plastic wrap was a great option for our customers because it allowed them to see, handle and smell the soaps before buying without our having to worry about damage.

Now that we sell our soaps only online we are able to move to a paper wrapper. We also included the option for a small cardboard box that makes the soaps easy to wrap for gifting. There is a small upcharge for the box - this is to cover the added cost of the boxes.

What else is on it's way (or recently added)?

1. A new eye oil with a lovely amethyst roller ball launched October 11th - find Jasmine Rose Radiant Eye Oil with Amethyst roller HERE.

2. New shampoo bar scents.

3. A lovely bamboo shampoo bar cage - helping us to reduce our environmental footprint by eliminating the current tin holders. And it also works for your Deep Cleansing Facial bar! Find the Bamboo Cage HERE.

4. Indigo Body Oil will be moved to the 7 Day Glow line-up. 

5. We have begun offering products for sale on Etsy and Amazon. Look for Amazon fulfillment on our body oils and 7 Day Glow products in the coming months.

6. Lip Oils are getting a facelift in label design and in more flavors to coordinate with our new Lip Balm flavors.

7. A lovely Lavender Cade body lotion (our regular lavender has been moved to the sink sets design).

Thank you so much. Without our fabulous customers we would not be here. You light our imagination and fuel our energy to continue to move forward and improve!

Christine Untiedt
Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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