Lilac Love - Our Spring Scent


Lilac is my favorite Spring scent. It brings back memories of my childhood on our Wisconsin family farm and every time I smell I just think, "Spring".

This year we held our first Lilac "pre-sale" for a variety of Lilac scented bath and body products from Brown Barn. These items shipped this week and are now in stock for a limited time.

My best tip is to layer your Lilacs! Bathe with a bath bomb or foaming bath soak, wash with Lilac bar soap, exfoliate with Lilac sugar scrub, then top it off with Lilac lotion. You will feel like Spring has arrived!

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals

The Lilac Collection

Lilac Fragrant Body Lotion - Great for use neck to toes! Brown Barn Body Lotions are made with an infusion of botanicals grown by us, at the Brown Barn Botanicals Farm. As an added bonus, our infusions all are based in Wisconsin grown USDA certified organic Sunflower Oil.



Lilac Solid Lotion Bars - A solid bar of oils and butters in fragrant Lilac scent. Solid bars can be used neck to toes but are especially effective for hands, feet, elbows, knees, and extremely dry areas. TIP: Love the scent of Lilac? Use the mini solid lotion bar as a perfume!




Lilac Sugar Scrub - Polish and Glow! Apply to damp skin in shower or tub. Scoop a small amount of sugar scrub onto fingertips, apply in circular motions from fingertips and toes toward heart to stimulate circulation. Apply until sugar dissolves (a little goes a long way). Rinse. Take care exiting tub or shower so as not to slip.



Lilac Foaming Bath Salts with Goat Milk, Oats, and Aloe Vera - More than just a bubble bath, this soak is a skin soothing treat!



Lilac Bath Bomb with added Goat's Milk - A spa worthy soak in your own tub! Bath Bombs impart soothing oils (and in this case, Goat's Milk) for a decadent bath experience.



Lilac Bar Soap - Made with Olive Oil and Shea Butter for a luxurious foam.



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