How To Get A Brown Barn Coupon & How to Use a Coupon With Shop Pay

Many of our upcoming Holiday sales are set up to allow you to "stack" a coupon.

Getting a Brown Barn coupon is very easy! Just click the "Claim Rewards" button on the lower left of our website and sign in (or create an account). Follow the directions from there!⁠

Once you are "in" at Brown Barn you will get coupons and rewards regularly. (We LOVE to gift our customers!)
We are happy to have paired with Shop Pay to offer installment payments on Brown Barn orders.

If you are a frequent user of Shop Pay you will be automatically directed to their app when you check out on Brown Barn. This is meant to be a short cut that reduces your checkout time and just streamlines everything.

Unfortunately, there is a glitch in the Shop Pay app that does not allow our coupons to be added when you are automatically directed to the Shop Pay app (and they do not allow me to disable this part of their app). 🤔

Brown Barn coupons can only be added to Shop Pay by first going through the Brown Barn regular cart check-out, then choosing Shop Pay.

Here are detailed directions for using a Brown Barn coupon in Shop Pay:

1. If you are directed to the Brown Barn regular check-out you are home free - just enter your coupon code and check to make sure it was applied. Then click "Shop Pay" to use their checkout app.

2. If you are automatically directed to the Shop Pay app (and then it just skips our regular check out which is awesome except it won't accept our coupon code 🤔) click "CHECK OUT AS GUEST" at the bottom of that page.

3. You will be taken to our regular check-out. On this page enter the coupon code and check to be sure it applied.

4. Then click Shop Pay if you still want to use their app (this is the app that will allow you to make payments over time). Or you can choose a different way to pay/check out.

5. If all else fails go ahead and checkout without using the coupon then email us at Just let us know the coupon code you are trying to use and we will refund you the difference.
We apologize for the inconvenience. New apps can sometimes come with glitches and this is one of those situations. Thank you so much for supporting our boutique beauty business and in turn, our small Wisconsin farm! 💚

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