Brown Barn Botanicals 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Another year has flown by and it's time to start thinking about Holiday gift giving.

As the owner of Brown Barn Botanicals it is my pleasure to write our annual Holiday Gift Guide blog.

Matching Gifts to Needs:

If the person you are gifting has:

Sensitive Skin or Scent Sensitivity: Avoid products with fragrance oil. Instead, choose products that are made with no scent or simple essential oil blends to avoid skin irritation or for that person who just cannot take any scent.

Bath and Body products in gentle essential oil blends are great choices for sensitive skin. 

If you are looking for facial products as a gift for someone with sensitive skin my first recommendation is – STOP – the demands of this skin type make it very difficult to gift facial products. Although Brown Barn has a 100% satisfaction guarantee we prefer you not guess and risk a return as it is Brown Barn’s policy to destroy all returned products to contain contamination risk. In this case we’d rather miss the sale than have a sad gift recipient contact us to return a well-meaning gift.

Opt instead for Lip Oil, Bar Soap, Body Products or gift a Virtual Gift Card so they can choose their own products. When gifting a virtual gift card ALWAYS follow up with the recipient to make sure they are aware they received the emailed card and that it is not sitting in their Spam folder.

Elderly Skin: Skin thins as we age, which puts tender Elderly skin in the same category as “Sensitive Skin”.

Reach again for gentle blends. Also consider the difficulties faced by an Elderly person as they enter and exit the bath. Avoid oil based bath products like bath oil or body scrub, which may make the tub slippery to exit or be harsh for tender Elderly skin.

Opt instead for functional gifts such as bar soap, solid lotion bars, or liquid lotion.

An item I know my own elderly mother would love is our new "Lippy Clip" lip balm holder with a lip balm or two. These holders keep their lip balm handy and can clip on anything - purse, key chain, knitting basket. And they come in a wide variety of patterns for men, women and children.




You love Brown Barn's Skincare products and really want to share them with your friends: Every year we hear from customers who are wonderful regular customers, have found success with our products, and want to spread the word about Brown Barn's amazing products by gifting them to friends and family. 

First, Thank you! Second - we suggest one of the following:

1) Purchase something they already use. Brown Barn's little helpers are standing by to help you choose the right item for your loved one. Just give us a call or email and we'll be happy to make some suggestions!

2) Stick to the basics. Opt for can't miss items like bar soaps with soap savers, body scrub, or gift one facial product with a matching tool - such as our Ramie Facial Pad.

A Desire for EVERYTHING: I would be amiss if I did not point out this year’s selection of pre-made Gift Boxes. 


Shop early as Gift Boxes and Holiday specialty quantities are limited. 

I hope we were able to inspire some fresh ideas for your gift giving this year. Above all, I sincerely hope you remember to gift yourself as well as those you love.

Take time to relax, treat your body to some relaxing oil, massage your feet, soothe your senses. Stealing a moment away for yourself will help you to refill the well so you can full enjoy and be “present” during the Holidays.

We are more than happy to assist you in your holiday shopping, please feel free to reach out with questions or for gifting suggestions to

On behalf of everyone at Brown Barn Botanicals, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Christine Untiedt, Owner, Brown Barn Botanicals

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  • Mary Shepardson

    I love your products, both face and body products. My husband has started to use your face products too and likes them. Thank you!

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