Tips for Gorgeous Hands and Feet


Our hands and feet are among the hardest working body parts and are often the most neglected. Taking care of hands and feet will keep them looking their best and healthiest.

My hands and feet really take a beating during the garden season at the farm. Soil and cold water, scratches, stings and burns from weeds can be a real problem. I take time daily for hand and foot care because when my hands and feet are not feeling well it makes my job much harder.

Hand and Foot Care Tips:

1. Wash with a moisturizing soap. Avoid drying liquid soaps and opt for fatty bars or all natural liquid soaps instead. We particularly like soaps made with Goat’s Milk for extra soothing and hydrating properties.

2. Keep nails clean with a natural bristle brush. Trim and push cuticles back regularly. Opt for a pumice stone for especially rough patches and calluses.

3. Exfoliate and cleanse with a good quality body scrub weekly. Brown Barn’s richly emulsified sugar scrub works great for hand scrubs. This treatment will nourish and scrub at the same time to remove dry skin and help smooth calluses.

4. Use Salve on stubborn rough patches. Salve is thicker than lotion and is made with beeswax to seal moisture in. Brown Barn’s Rejuvenate Salve is especially popular for its soothing ingredients and trauma oil to help speed your way to healthier skin. 

Another wonderful moisturizer for feet (and hands) is our Rosemary Mint Hand and Foot Balm. This balm is formulated as a "dry" treatment specifically for hands and feet. It soaks in extremely fast while providing deep relief, allowing you to avoid greasy and slippery hands and feet.

5. Keep a bottle of body oil by the sink to slather on damp hands after washing. Body Oil will help seal moisture in and protect hands.  Brown Barn Body Oils  are made with luscious essential oil blends that give a dose of aromatherapy with each use. Body Oil is a great investment, it goes a long way and can be used on the body, hands, feet, and even hair. Infused Oils are a Brown Barn specialty with many of the botanicals used in the oils coming from our own farm.

6. Soak hands and feet weekly in warm water with a bit of Epsom Salts. Soaking helps loosen debris and draw out toxins from any scratches. Add a few 

With regular daily care you will find your hands and feet happy and healthy all year round. Visit us at for all of these great products and more!

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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