DIY Glow Getter Beauty Supplement Recipe

"We are what we eat." This age-old message has recently been taken to new heights by companies offering food supplements that promise to slow aging and repair skin. Food beauty supplements have even found their way onto displays in the beauty departments of major department stores.

Supplements come in a variety of forms with the most popular being pill form and loose powder supplements that can be stirred into smoothies or dusted onto coffee, tea, or meals. 

Many loose supplements are simply a blend of dried, ground herbs and berries that are rich in skin loving phytonutrients. Ingredients that are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are highly desirable for their ability to help your body repair sun and age damage while tamping down inflammation that can irritate to skin issues.

There is definitely a justifiable place for these types of supplements in any beauty routine. The benefit of using a powder supplement is you can get so much more packed in easily than if you try to source and eat each of these ingredients fresh.

Below is my personal "Glow Getter" powder supplement recipe. 

I use Glow Getter regularly in breakfast smoothies to supplement my topical skincare. There are companies that offer pre-made blends but I've found they are not quite as comprehensive as my own blend - that said, if you are short on time or just don't want to tackle a project don't hesitate to try a pre-made blend. Look for reputable companies and purchase organic blends only. 

Glow Getter 

I designed this recipe in "parts" so you can blend as little or much as you desire. I make big batches and then store them pre-mixed in clean, dry, airtight mason jars. One "part" can be a tablespoon, a teaspoon, a cup, a scoop, or an ounce - it's up to you! Before beginning decide what one part equals for your personal recipe.

When purchasing ingredients I usually purchase in larger quantities to get the best price. Always purchase USDA certified organic ingredients for this recipe. Most of the ingredients can be found by reputable dealers on Amazon, at Star West Botanicals, and Mountain Rose Herbs.

You can adjust your ingredients as much as you desire. This is just my personal preference - feel free to add, omit, or increase/decrease to your personal taste and desired results.

Be sure to always purchase the powdered form of the ingredients to avoid having to mash the ingredients into powder yourself.


1 part Acai Berry Extract Powder
1 part Acerola Berry Extract Powder
1 part Ashwagandha Root/Leaf Powder
2 parts Blueberry Powder
2 parts Goji Berry Powder
2 parts Hibiscus Flower Powder
1 part Maca Root Powder
1 part Maqui Powder 
1 part Schizandra Berry Powder
Place all ingredients by part in a large bowl. Use a large whisk to blend. Break up any clumps. For stubborn clumping run the ingredient through a fine mesh sieve before adding to the blend. If you don't break up clumps they will stay that way in your mix so breaking up clumps is essential. (In the photo you can see what happened when I didn't break up my clumps well enough!) 
Once mixed, store your blend in clean, dry glass jars or BPA free plastic containers. The key is to store the blend air tight and in a dark, dry place. I use glass mason jars with canning lids. 
Note: This blend has a tart flavor and will turn anything you add it to deep red. 
To use: Mix a heaping tablespoon (or less depending on personal taste) into a 16 ounce smoothie. Or sprinkle as desired on top of tea and coffee, breakfast bowls, fruit, make an iced tea blend, try it on coffee, or on ice cream. Use your imagination!

Eating foods rich in skin loving nutrients has long-term effects on our beauty that cosmetic products can rarely match.

Beauty foods + proven effective skin care products = a beautiful package.

Christine Untiedt, Owner, Brown Barn Botanicals



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