Dolia - All About Our New Skincare Brand

I am so excited to announce the launch of our new skincare line, Dolia!

Why a Re-Brand?

In the skincare business it is not uncommon to see companies re-branding as often as every two years. The area of natural skincare has evolved very quickly over the last five years. While it used to be hard to find a 100% natural facial product, they are now easily found.

Companies re-brand to better enable their products to stand out in what is now a flood of natural skincare companies. Sometimes re-branding is simply a new label design, sometimes it's a total face-lift (as is the case with Brown Barn's skincare line).

While Brown Barn has always been blessed with a wonderful following of loyal customers, we recognized that the Brown Barn branding did not appeal to the majority of new customers. Also, among our loyal followers, we've had lots of requests for a more updated image with simpler - easier to read - labels.

We needed a brand that could be trademarked and had a unique name and a simple, clean look. Evidently the word "Barn" is very popular in the natural skincare area! 

Why Dolia?

If you've ever conducted a Google search of all natural skincare companies you'll see almost every name imaginable! There has been a flood on the market and with it, names have been snapped up left and right.

Choosing the name "Dolia" was based on over a year of thought and discussion. 

Dolia is defined as vessels containing life sustaining essentials. We thought that was a pretty good fit for our farm to face skincare products!

What is Different?

We wanted a line that allowed us to offer more customization for our customers because we know everyone has unique skin needs.

Dolia products are made up of "bases" and "boosters". As we unroll products you'll see that some products are "bases" that will be available all year long - cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc.

With this we have developed a line of "boosters" that can be mixed with the bases for added benefits. This would include extracts, vitamins, serums, etc. that can be used straight or mixed with other products to "boost" their effectiveness.

Beyond all of the above, I wanted a line that took advantage of all the wonderful, potent plants we grow at the Brown Barn farm. I have learned over the years that my skin benefits from switching up products through the seasons and I want to share this option with our customers.

I also wanted to be able to make use of more of our botanicals in their very freshest form. With Dolia we'll be offering seasonal "limited edition" specials alongside permanent, year-round products. These specials will be based on what's in season at the farm and will end when we run out of ingredients. :)

You'll notice the Dolia label is very different from our other labels. This is in response to the many customers who have requested a simpler, easier-to-read label.

What are the Products?

We are kicking things off with one "base" and one "booster".

1. Rose Clay Exfoliating Herbal Mask - an exfoliating and detoxifying face mask for all skin types (but especially normal to oily types). I opted for a "dry" powdered clay and botanical mask that can be mixed with a variety of liquids to customize for your skin. Mix with water, yogurt, avocado, or more!


2. Strawberry Rhubarb Serum - an oil based serum that can work as a face oil or be used to "boost" your face oil, serum, moisturizer, body oil, or lotion with antioxidant, anti-aging botanical extracts. 

In the coming months you'll see some of your Brown Barn favorites updated and moved over to the Dolia label. 

We hope you enjoy this new line and are excited by all the great options we'll now be able to offer you!

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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