Coping with Combination Skin

The one thing that is important to understand when it comes to skincare is that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. We are all different and our skincare needs reflect that.

While some lucky souls have skin that can use the same products over the entire face, some of us have what is commonly referred to as “combination” skin. This means that parts of your face may be dry while others may be oily or have large pores or include areas that consistently break out.

Here are some tips for coping with Combination Skin:

1. Identify your skin needs. What part of your face is dry, normal oily? Where are you prone to breaking out?

2. Match skincare routines and products to the specific needs of the differing parts of your face. For example you may need facial oil on your cheeks or an AHA/BHA mask treatment on your forehead and nose a few days a week.

3. Layer your products for the most effective results. For oily areas opt for lighter formulations such as Brown Barn Botanicals Willow & Iris Purifying Facial Cleanser; to keep oil balanced spritz with Brown Barn Botanicals matching Fir & Frankincense Clarifying Toner. For dry skin replace traditional toner with Botanic Elixir Liquid Moisturizing Mist and layer with facial oil and moisturizer for added hydration.

4. If you suffer from extreme combination skin simply layering your products will not be the answer. In this case you will need to build a program for each of the skin areas. When using different products it is important to blend away from the oily areas of your face.

5. Adjust your moisturizers to suit your needs. You may find you need to use our lighter Primrose & Oak Moisturizer in the morning with the heavier Rose Hip & Shea Creme Complex in the evening.

Regardless of what skin type you have, be sure to include sunscreen in your routine when venturing out-of-doors.

By keeping tabs on how your unique skin zones are reacting to your routine you can create a highly customized and effective skincare routine that works just for you!

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