Botanic Elixir - What is Liquid Moisturizer?

Technology and ingredient advancements have completely changed how we think about moisturizers. Moisturizer is defined as “a cosmetic preparation, as a cream or lotion, used to restore moisture to the skin, especially of the face and neck”. Typically when we think of moisturizer we think of the heavy creams of our mother’s generation. Not anymore – moisturizer is now found in solid form and liquid form.

Botanic Elixir is a super lightweight (think water), highly formulated and all natural liquid moisturizer that can best be described as a “cosmetic preparation”. Some companies refer to products such as this as an “Essence”, “Liquid Moisturizer”, or “Boosting Liquid”. Usually these products come in a mist type bottle to be lightly spritzed on the face or are applied with a cotton ball after cleansing. Regardless of the name, preparations like liquid moisturizers are formulated with added ‘super’ ingredients to boost skin hydration.

When evaluating liquid moisturizers look at the ingredient list. If it does not contain additional ingredients meant for moisturizing you most likely have a toner, not a moisturizer. Toners typically are designed to cool and nourish skin.

Liquid Moisturizers do everything a toner does and are formulated with additional moisturizing elements, which elevate the product to “moisturizer” status. Dolia’s all natural Botanic Elixir contains added Hyaluronic Acid, botanic floral waters (also known as essences), glycerin, and other botanical boosters that draw and hold water to skin.

It only takes a brief survey of the variety of liquid moisturizers on the marketplace to see that many include Hyaluronic acid. This is an excellent water-soluble ingredient that holds immense amounts of water to skin and is capable of rationing this water out to cells as needed. It comes in a man-made synthetic version or an all natural version – Dolia uses the all natural version.

The introduction of ingredients such as water soluble Hyaluronic acid to the formulating marketplace have inspired a whole new generation of creative anti-aging formulations and delivery systems. Brown Barn’s Botanic Elixir is one such inspired product.

Botanic Elixir can be used as a moisturizer alone (what we recommend for oily skin types) or as a booster to Brown Barn’s other fine moisturizers, serums, and face oils. It can also be used following toner for even more plant goodness. Beyond its use as a moisturizer booster, this product works great for creating a dewy make-up finish and for a refreshing pick-me-up anytime of day or evening.In addition to added Hyaluronic Acid, Botanic Elixir is based in Floral water for a new botanic level of skin nourishment.

Floral water can be thought of as an effusion of botanicals. Aloe Vera Water, Rosewater, and Lavender Water create a powerful water base for Botanic Elixir liquid moisturizer, bringing with them all the benefits these botanicals have to offer skin. Added to these ingredients are supporting Vitamin C, moisture attracting natural hyaluronic acid, and a host of field grown botanical extracts in moisture enhancing all natural, vegetable based glycerin.

Simply spritz on face (close eyes first!) and go! You can also gently pat into skin with fingertips if desired. After removing make-up and cleansing I spritz on Botanic Elixir and follow with serum, face oil, eye creme and facial creme morning and night. I do not wait for Botanic Elixir to “dry” before applying more product

Our products are built to go together, be sure to spot test if using Botanic Elixir with products from another company to ensure they are compatible.

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals


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