Adding Chocolate to your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine + DIY Mask


Beyond all the reasons we love chocolate as a sweet treat, chocolate contains many beauty benefits for skincare.

Consuming chocolate as part of a healthy diet is thought to bring benefits in the form of potent age fighting anti-oxidants, improved blood flow and it may even help protect against sun damage.

Cocao (from which chocolate is made) is loaded with skin-loving minerals including zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron which increase energy, supports hair growth, and help repair skin.

Chocolate brings anti-aging power thru its anti-oxidant properties. Adding to its anti-oxidant benefits, topically applied chocolate can help stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

While most of us are familiar with the benefits of cocoa butter in our skincare, the idea of slathering on cocoa powder might be new to you. When choosing chocolate to incorporate into your DIY skincare choose chocolate that contains the highest cocoa content you can find. Good sources are "cooking chocolate" or "natural cocoa powder". We always recommend opting for Organic as much as possible. The Cocoa Powder you choose for your skin should not contain sugar or artificial ingredients. 

Raw Cacao can be sourced locally or online. You can mix it with your skincare as well as adding it to your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. Opt for dark chocolate for snacking (and again, we always recommend going Organic). When it comes to consuming chocolate moderation is key. 1 to 2 ounces per day is recommended.

Give our Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Facial Mask recipe a try!


Christine Untiedt, Owner, Brown Barn Botanicals




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