A Gift For Everyone - Holidays 2021

This year, instead of just designing Holiday Gift Boxes, I chose to create gift boxes in combinations that can be gifted all year round. The majority of our current gift line-up will now be available all year round!

I tried to pair combinations that range from luxury baths to simple thank you gifts.

Highlights below!

Christine Untiedt, Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals

The Bath Soaker:

All the pieces for the relaxing Lavender bath. $63.98

The Bearded Man:

Everything he needs for his best beard and mustache. $40.00


On Their Feet All Day:

Relax and restore tired and overworked feet (and hands). $36.98


Men Getting Start In Skincare:

This is a great set for any man (or young man) who would like to get started with a light skincare program. This would also make a nice gift for a teen. $45.98


The Entire Gift Box Collection:


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