5 Tips For Success Using Our Products

At our company we put a lot of thought and care into our products. We have created a manufacturing system in which every aspect of your product is handled in house, by us, in order to ensure top quality control from growing the plants right through shipping.

The one aspect we cannot control is what happens to our products when they leave our hands. 

Here are our top five tips for finding success and caring for our products:

1. Upon receiving your product unwrap and inspect the product. Is the container damaged? Does the pump or spray top work? If not, contact us immediately at customercare@brownbarnbotanicals.com for instructions on how to proceed.

2. Store your skincare products in a dark, cool place. Light will break down your product faster. Avoid placing your products on a windowsill and opt instead for a counter or cabinet away from sunlight. If your bathroom does not have a window you are home free!

3. Decide if you are going to refrigerate your products. Some products will last longer if refrigerated. The only items you should not refrigerate are Face Oils, keep your face oils in a cool dark cabinet instead.

Creams and Mists are especially soothing if applied cold. If you refrigerate your skincare products I highly recommend purchasing a mini-fridge to use specifically for your skincare products. I personally use the Cooluli Mini Fridge that can be found on Amazon HERE.

If you choose to store your products in your main refrigerator create a dedicated shelf or space for your products so they are not seated next to something odorous. Or purchase a clear plastic or acrylic container with a top to store your skincare products in for maximum protection.  

4. Use your products consistently AND use them up within 60 days of purchase. Even though our products have a HUGE shelf life because they are made in small batches and sent out quickly, you need to USE THE PRODUCT for them to work. I'm always amazed when I hear from a customer, "I just used this up but now can't find it on your website" only to find its a product we discontinued years ago. I cannot express enough that consistency = results. Use your products every. single. day! (Unless it's a mask or scrub - then it's like every. other. day!)

5. Try to get every drop from your bottles. I know it can be frustrating to get to the bottom of your moisturizer and see there is still some product at the bottom that the pump just cannot draw up.

When this happens turn that bottle upside down and leave it sit in this position overnight (I use a small drinking glass to hold the bottle upside down). Then remove the top and tap out the contents to get as much out as possible. If you are really really really determined to get every single drop you can add a few drops of water to the bottle to thin the formula down, shake extremely well and try to get more out that way.

If you are still struggling to get every drop out know that we do overfill our bottles a little to offset any loss on that end. When using products from a jar always use clean fingers or a tiny clean spatula to remove your product so as not contaminate your creams.

We truly want you to have a successful, positive experience with the products you purchase at brownbarnskincare.com. Applying these tips will help you to get the best possible results from your investment.

Christine Untiedt
Founder, Brown Barn Botanicals



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